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Angie Martinez
M.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

B.S. Chemistry, Math
n University

Angie is originally from Avon, Connecticut. She completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Math at Assumption University. While there, she discovered her passion for the field of pharmaceuticals and completed an Honors Thesis under the guidance of Dr. Elizabeth Colby-Davie studying the effects of deuterium on pharmaceuticals. She then completed her masters degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, where she narrowed her focus to the use of nanoparticles in drug delivery. This research led her to becoming a graduate student in Dr. John Wilsons lab where she continues her study of lipid nanoparticles as a drug delivery tool. Outside of lab, Angie enjoys baking, crocheting, sewing, and other grandma-associated hobbies.

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