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STEM Outreach

Learn About How Our Graduate Students are Achieving Broader Impacts by Leading STEM Outreach 


ChBE 4820/5820: Immunoengineering

Immunoengineering describes efforts by immunologists and engineers to design new approaches and technologies that can be used to manipulate and understand the immune system. This course provides an introduction to the field of immunoengineering, by covering the following main topic areas: i) fundamentals of immunology, ii) immunology tools and methods, iii) vaccines and immunotherapies, iv) drug delivery principles, and v) materials engineering for immunomodulation. 

ChBE 2150: Cell & Molecular Biology for Engineers

Basic molecular and cellular biology principles and concepts. Application of engineering principles to further the understanding of biological systems. Protein structure and function, transcription, translation, post-translational processing, cellular organization, molecular transport and trafficking, and cellular models. 

ChBE 3900W: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I

Laboratory experiments in momentum, energy and mass transport, focusing on instrumentation and unit operations. Statistical treatment of data, error analysis, written reports, and oral presentations are emphasized. 

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