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Karan Arora.jpg
Karan Arora
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry,
Wayne State University,
Detroit MI
M.S. Chemistry,
IIT Bombay,

Karan completed his Master’s degree in Chemistry from IIT Bombay, India in 2013 under supervision of Prof. V. K. Singh with the title “Oxidative Dearomatization: Synthesis of Functionalized Bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones, Sigmatropic Shift in Excited State, and Radical- Induced Cleavage of Cyclopropane Ring”. He pursued a Ph.D. from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan under the supervision of Prof. Jeremy Kodanko with the title “Synthesis, Characterization, Computational & Biological evaluation of caged Bioactive Molecules” in (2018). His research mainly focused on photocaging biologically active molecules to target key physiological sites to improve drug efficacy. After defending his doctorate work, he went back to India to join as an Assistant Professor in FIITJEE Limited (2018-19). To continue his passion for bench chemistry, he came to the Wilson Lab as a Postdoctoral Scholar in December 2019, and now he’s working on the design and synthesis of innate immune agonists that target and selectively activate at tumor sites.

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