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Lihong Wang Bishop
Ph.D. Physiology
Cancer Research Center
Medical College of Xiamen
M.S. Biochemistry &
Molecular Biology
Nanotong University
M.D. Clinical Medicine
Inner Mongolia Medical University
Research Gate Profile

Lihong earned her Ph.D. degree in Physiology from the medical school of Xiamen University, a top university in China, in 2013. Her research involved studying resistance to chemotherapeutics and targeted therapy drugs in gastrointestinal adenocarcinomas. She had been working on projects aiming at elucidating roles of Aurora Kinase A in regulating tumorigenesis in gastrointestinal cancers. Her research current Interests is including cancer immunology, cancer biology, gene regulation, signal transduction, and drug delivery.  Lihong joined Dr. John T. Wilson’s Lab in September 2017, and her current work is focused on using engineered nanoparticles and biomaterials to activate and regulate anti-tumor innate immunity. In her spare time, Lihong enjoys spent time with her family, and friends.

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