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Max Jacobson
BSE, Chemical Engineering
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

Max Jacobson completed his undergraduate education at Princeton University for Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2013. While there, he worked as a researcher for the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) practicum, the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) undergraduate research program, and Dr. Brangwynne’s soft living matter group. In addition to research, he worked as a student consultant for the new media center, played French horn for the university orchestra, and coached amateur musicians for the New Jersey Youth Symphony (NJYS). Since graduating Princeton, he has matriculated at Vanderbilt University to pursue a Ph.D in Chemical and Biomolecular engineering while conducting research in Professor Wilson’s lab on developing novel materials for the delivery of immunotherapeutics. In his spare time Max enjoys playing and listening to classical music, baking, and solving puzzles.

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