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Lucinda Pastora
B.S.E. Chemical & Biological Engineering

Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Lucinda is originally from Houston, TX.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University in 2018, earning certificates in both Materials Science and Engineering Biology.  Lucinda's senior thesis focused on improving the growth rate and density of marine algae in bioreactors through the introduction of nanoparticle-encapsulated fluorescent dyes; this work was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Avalos and Dr. Prud'homme.  Currently, Lucinda is a 6th year student pursuing a PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering under the direction of Dr. John Wilson at Vanderbilt University.  Her broad interests include biomaterials, nanotechnology, and the delivery of immunotherapeutics.  In her free time, Lucinda enjoys baking, swimming, and trying new restaurants around Nashville.

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